Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Gifts Abound!!!

I've been working like crazy to finish Christmas gifts for my family and friends. I'm ready for it to get here and be done with, I feel so stressed out about it!!!

I thought I'd show some of what I've made and maybe get some compliments! Shameless self promotion it is!!!

First up is my mom's gift, which I'm particularly proud of! I love it, and wish I could keep it for myself. I think every woman should have some pearls, and I combined some gorgeous white round freshwater pearls with her birthstone, sapphire. Sapphires were purchased from my favorite gemstone supplier, GaHooleTreeSupplies. Visit at http://gahooletreesupplies.etsy.com for all sorts of goodies!

Next is my stepdad's gift. He's one of those guys that actually wears jewelry, so I made him a masculine 1 into 4 spiral chainmaille bracelet in a golden color.

I also made my grandmother's gift, which was difficult because I've already made her a Mother's bracelet and Grandmother's bracelet. She isn't the type for a lot of fancy jewelry, so I wanted to make her something with significance. She had 11 siblings, and I came up with the idea of a 'Family' bracelet, with a crystal birthstone representing each sibling and her parents. What do you think?

Finally, my best friend's gift. I hope she doesn't read this blog before Christmas LOL! For her, I wire-wrapped Iolite roundelles onto silver hoops and made a matching necklace with moonstone rounds. Didn't take a pic of the necklace, and it's already wrapped so I will take one later and post it. She has beautiful blue eyes, so I thought the Iolite would compliment them. Turned out fantastic!

Please, let me know what you think of these! I'm quite proud of myself for getting all this done and still having 9 days to spare! ;) })i({


ChezChani said...

Here's what I think...I want to be your friend :-)

Anonymous said...

Jamie, I'm just SURE I'm your long lost relative, so I can't wait to get my gift from you LOL! These are wonderful---I really like the family necklace idea for your grandmother! And the earrings, wonderful! Teri http://www.sandtcreations.com/wordpress

Barbara Merwin said...


What lovely gifts and I am sure all the recipients will treasure them!

Best, Ken & Barb, Magpiedreams

Anna Lee H. in Toronto said...

Hi Jamie!
Thanks so much for mentioning my studio overstock of gemstones and findings for sale online at http://www.gahooletreesupplies.etsy.com.
Your mom is just going to adore this beautiful and thoughtful gift and she'll treasure it always!
~Anna Lee

Dave Robertson said...

Jamie, you're going to be making spirits bright. Good stuff here!

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