Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I just LOVE the attention!!!

My friend Helene AKA glass0beads has been just wonderful to me the past couple days. I really enjoy talking with her, and helping her out with the technical aspects of this crazy internet marketing when she needs it. In return, she has mentioned me in a couple of her blog posts! (To the left, Helene's 'Hearts and Teardrops Earrings', just lovely, and available on Etsy!) Visit her store at (#0, not letter)

We all love some publicity, don't we??? I'll take what I can get!

Her first post was titled 'Notes to Self - Footloose and Fancy Free' where she lists some great websites to visit, including mine!!!

Her latest post is 'A Great Christmas Season' and she gives kudos to some of our eSMArts members, myself too! She includes some really nice pictures of different items.

Please, please check out her blog at (#0, not the letter) and see what the wonderful woman has been up to! })i({


Glass0Beads said...

Well, I feel chuffed. Thank you so much for your kind words, Jamie.

It's easy to be nice to people who are nice, like Jamie and the crew at the eSMArts Guild on Etsy.

Here's to our collective well being.

A Beaded Affair said...

Read your post earlier while on hold at the office but wanted to stop back and say how nice it is that you two seem to be hitting it off and helping each other out. That is sure what I always thought Esmarts was all about. Hope I can get back in the game soon.

Dave Robertson said...

Hi Jamie, I just wanted to say thanks for recommending us and linking our site. Much appreciated!

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