Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meet Dani Garcia of DG Designs!

Dani, one of my dear friends and a fellow eSMArts member, allowed me to find out a bit about her! Read on to see what she has to say about jewelry, selling, and life in general!
"Welcome. My name is Danis Garcia and I am in independent jewelry
artisan living inthe Texas Hill Country just outside of San Antonio.
I started making jewelry years ago, mostly for myself and
family/friends but it blossomed into a full time love of creating
after my 4 children were grown and doing their own thing.

I also love creating that one truly unique element for some of my
jewelry designs by custom wrapping stones, shells and other materials
with sterling silver, copper or gold filled wire as well other handmade
findings. You can find some of my work online at

I am also a retail/wholesale jewelry supplier with a huge show show
schedule that covers most of Texas. My online store for jewelry supply

Currently I am learning to make pendants and other elements in glass
and precious metal clay.

Visit my blog,, and read a little more
about me and take a peek at some of the things happening in my life."

Dani works with her daughter, Toni Garcia and they are the best of friends.
She is hopelessly in love with her husband Henry, and they celebrated 25
years of marriage this past December.
She has three grandkids, Jeremiah, Christopher and Kendal Marie.
She is a member of the San Antonio Bead Society, eSMArts social marketing
team, Texas Artisan Promotions, and SRAJD.
She strongly believe in the concepts of paying it forward and bartering.
Justice is dealt with by the Karma Police.

Thank you Dani for the great interview! })i({


Studio618 said...

What a great interview with our Dani. She is such a talented artist.

Dani said...

::blushes:: Why thank you "Stu" ! Jamie made me look soooooo good.. even kind of smart in some spots LOL. Boy, she's good, eh?

Anonymous said...

What wonderful information about Dani! Her supply store is fab for all jewelry designers----prices, selection, beads and findings are great! I'm so glad I know her and have the opportunity to work with her! Teri
Great job, Jami!
Twitter: Teri_B