Monday, January 19, 2009

Etsy Teams Newsletter

I am way behind in writing blogs, but as usual, I do several at the same time. Sorry folks, so much to write about, so little time!

Our Etsy street team eSMArts has a mention in the last issue of the Etsy Teams Newsletter! Woohoo!

I wrote the following post for the newsletter, and although it came out a week late it still helps promote us as a whole!

Read on...

'"eSMArts January Happenings

eSMArts is hard at work for the New Year! There is a fantastic January Challenge in the works with a theme of pretty pastels, just in time for spring. eSMArts members are asked to work with pretty spring colors and fix up a wonderful project (or two) for the team to vote on at the end of the month. Maybe this will brighten up those dreary winter months!

eSMArts is also working hard to fill up the team etsy shop with a contest! Team members are listing inexpensive items (around $20 or less) through the end of this week and then doing a Twitter/blog blast to encourage customers to send a direct twitter message or blog comment. Customers who do so will be entered into a drawing to win a $10 eSMArts gift certificate compliments of Lois Linquist (A Beaded Affair)!"'

Yay to us!!! })i({


Dave Robertson said...

Hi Jamie, I just wanted to stop in and make sure you're thanked for linking to us. This is very very kind of you! :)

at Rings & Things

ChezChani said...

Hope you are doing ok. You are cordially invited to my blog, where you can pick up YOUR LEMONADE AWARD (for when you get back home.)