Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Story Published on Rena Klingenberg's Site

I decided to write my personal jewelry story and submit it to Rena last night. It was a hard story to write, very personal and involved. So much I wanted to mention, and just not enough time or space to do it in!

I wrote about my lifelong, very difficult and continuing battle with depression. I think making jewelry has helped to save me. That and lots of therapy. My therapist loves that I do something to keep me busy and give me an outlet for my anxiety.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm high-strung, a perfectionist, obsessive-compulsive. These qualities are not always negative however, as they drive me to make great-quality jewelry. But, they do bring me a great deal of anxiety as well.

I chose not to mention my Etsy eSMArts team in it for the simple reason that the story was about my personal struggle with depression. I hope I did not offend or anger anyone by doing that. They are a great group and very supportive of me, and I wish to thank them for that. I'm a new member in the group, and they took me in with open arms, just as they do everyone who joins. I think this group will be a fundamental part of my recovery with depression.

So while I toot my own horn here as they like to say, I also toot the horn of my group. You can read my article at You may read about our group at our blog at and see our wonderful, growing store at

Other members of eSMArts have submitted their personal stories as well. Please read theirs, as everyone has a story and everyone has struggles, not any worse than mine necessarily but a struggle all their own. })i({

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