Friday, November 7, 2008

Tutorial - How to Make Right Angle Weave (RAW) Stars

I've decided that my second post here is going to be something fun and useful, instead of me just blabbering about random stuff. I did this tutorial on eHow, and I thought it would be interesting to put on my blog, and maybe some people don't know how to make these!

Materials needed: 10 top drilled bicones (all the same size and the smaller the bicone to begin with the smaller the star will end up), clear thread (I use Fireline), 2 big eye beading needles (optional, I am personally too lazy to mess with them so I don't use them), scissors, lighter or thread burner or glue (I glue em cuz fire scares me), and knowledge of Right Angle Weave is helpful but not mandatory!

Step 1 - Cut a 12-15 inch length of your chosen thread.

Step 2 (Optional) - Thread one big eye needle on each end of the cut thread.

Step 3 - Thread 4 bicones onto the thread.

Step 4 - Go through the first bicone on the left with the thread on the right, threading from left to right through the first bicone only. Pull tight, and you will have a diamond shape with a bicone at each point.

Step 5 - Add one bicone to each end of the thread. Add a second bicone to the thread on the left.

Step 6 - Go through the second bicone you added in step 5 with the right thread, threading from left to right.

Step 7 - Repeat step 6. You will have a strip of RAW that is 3 units long.

Step 8 -Go through the very first bicone in the strip with the left thread going from left to right and the right thread going right to left.

Step 9 - Pull tight to make a ball.

Step 10 - Square knot the ends together. Carefully burn the ends of the thread to seal the knot or use a dab of glue like Hypo Cement. Snip thread ends when glue dries.

Step 11 - Allow to cool or dry, then use in your next design! They can be threaded on headpins, eyepins, wire, thread, etc. just like a bead.

DISCLAIMERS: I am not responsible for someone getting poked, cut, burned, etc! This is not a project for children as many dangerous supplies are used (fire, hot...needle and scissors, sharp...bicones, tiny). And as always, please supervise your little ones (both children and furry friends) around your workspace to prevent accidents, injuries, and/or a big ol mess! })i({


ChezChani said...

I don't know RAW and I only do Peyote Stitch, but this is so PRETTY that I am going to HAVE to try it. Fortunaly I have a bunch of Swarovski crystal bicones that have been dying to get out of the tin! They don't understand why I have forsaken them for so long. I think I heard them singing that song from Toy Story, "When She Loved Me."

Jamie said...

LOL! Let me know how it goes! I was trying to write this and take pictures all by myself at the same time, so while it makes sense to me it might not to everyone else. Thank you! And please, please use the singing bicones, because that is just sad!

Creations by JAE

MyGemStoneBox by Diane said...

I don't think I've had the opportunity to welcome you to our eSMArts bad!! I can tell already from your jumping right in it won't be long before you're a great success!! Keep up the hard will pay off! If I can assist in any way feel free to contact me
By the your blog and Etsy shop!!

Bev's Jewelry said...

Great start on your blog. Nice tutorial. I'll have to try it.
(Thanks for the follow)

ChezChani said...

I did it. It's very pretty, I haven't knotted it yet, not quite sure what a square knot it but I'll knot it somehow. Now that it's done, what can I do with it?
I'm thinking of trying to attach it to a Peyote stitched band for a ring? Whatcha think?

Jamie said...

A square knot is...right over left, left over right. Take the ends and tie a knot crossing the right side over the left side. Then tie another knot by crossing the left side over the right side. Does it make sense?

Creations by JAE

KellyKim said...

Jamie, thanks for sharing!
It's look like a hardwork...
I may no much time to have a try... but would love to keep it in mind to make it in future.