Sunday, November 23, 2008

Read Rena's Newsletter!

I had written an earlier post about Rena Klingenberg accepting and publishing my jewelry artist story on her website. Just this past week, when I checked my inbox and saw her latest newsletter, I skimmed through it like I always do. Then, I saw that my story and 3 others, 2 of whom are on my Etsy street team eSMArts with me (Wilma and Teri), were featured in her newsletter! What a great thing to happen! What great exposure!

So, please, read her latest newsletter. Click here to go to Rena's latest newsletter.

If you do not get them already, I highly suggest you subscribe. You will find them informative and very interesting. I learn all sorts of little hints and tips and tricks and display options and the like.

Plus, she's a super-friendly woman who takes time to answer her emails, and I know she has to get a whole lot every day! She even tracked down someone's email address for me because they commented on my story. I think that's top notch service and the sign of a professional businesswoman like she is!

Anyways, I will post again shortly, I had to reformat the computer last night and I'm still getting things up to speed. I am also feeling a big out-of-sorts and depressed, hopefully it will get better in the next day or 2. })i({

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