Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Very First Blog Post

Hello to everyone! My name is Jamie, and I'm brand new to this whole blogging thing. We will have to see how it goes!

My passion is making jewelry. Beadwork. Whatever you may call it, it's been a lifelong obsession for me, since I was 10 I've been stringing tiny beads. Well, there were a few years I didn't really make anything, because I was more boy-crazy than bead-crazy. But then I figured out that beads are so much more fun and so much less trouble than boys! And you can make money with them! Woohoo!!!

I have a sales site at Etsy. Visit to see the goodies I've got up for grabs. I will be adding many more things in the near future, so bookmark it and check back frequently! I also have a website where I show different things I've made over the years, so check out to see what I've made.

I want to welcome all my new friends, and please be patient with me while I figure this whole thing out! })i({


Jewelry Elegance by jill said...

Hi Jamie
Congratulations on your new blog! Looking forward to seeing your blog grow..

ChezChani said...

Good start on your new blog!