Monday, November 17, 2008

Rio Grande is the place to shop!

Like most jewelry artists, I have a massive collection of jewelry/bead/tool/component catalogs. Some free, some not. Some old, some new. I think I just like to have a collection of actual print and paper catalogs because it gives me something to admire but not actually look at.

Lately, as part of my 'winter cleaning', I have been sorting through my catalogs and getting rid of the old ones and the ones I don't like, etc. I found a magnificent treasure. 2 Rio Grande catalogs that I had ordered almost exactly a year ago. I can tell I must have looked at them cuz some of the pages are dog-eared. OK, a lot of the pages are dog-eared.

Anyways, still inside is the $20 gift certificate that you get when you pay $20 for the catalogs, a system that doesn't quite make sense to me, but I digress. I had never set up the account with Rio Grande as is required after you get the catalogs, and this suddenly caused me a great deal of distress. I had spent $20 on 2 catalogs from a year ago and I had a nice $20 gift certificate and I NEVER BOTHERED TO USE IT??? What if it was too late? What if they said I had to buy 2 more because it had been too long? What if I couldn't use my well-deserved $20 gift certificate???

Me, being a shy person and not into phone discussions, tried to set up my account through the internet since I had my customer number and all. After clicking the link 'Forgot your password or username' or whatever it is, I was able to kinda bypass the system and put in new fresh information. Success, I thought. Then I go to log in, and it gives me a message along the lines of 'forget it we're setting up your account supposedly and will hopefully email you the information you need to log in.' More distress. And it's the weekend! No way to reach anyone!!!

Don't ask me why this bothered me so much, but I wanted to go shopping dammit. Even if I didn't have any money. Everyone talks about how great Rio Grande is. *CRY*

After trying again a few times, I gave up. Yeah, great. And I don't have another $20 to spend on catalogs. &$%#

Today, I get the bright idea to talk to their live help. This is a wonderful thing, great for phone-phobics like myself who don't want to wait around listening to funeral music for 2 hours waiting for a real live person who probably speaks broken English anyways. (No offense intended to those who are not English-speaking or who aren't completely proficient, I simply have a hard time understanding as I don't hear very well on the phone anyways. I also don't understand southern drawls or those weird New York enunciations.) In any case, I speak with, well type with, a nice guy named Mitch or something. I forget his name, but I'm sure it started with an M.

He tells me that my account is in fact still open, and all is good in the world. Now why can't I log in then? Not that I had tried today, but it never occurred to me to try again. He says YES! I should be able to log in now. So where's my email? is the next question I want to ask, but I decide not to get into that. Matt also tells me my coupon is still good but I will have to call the phone number to use it. Ok, I can deal with that. I thank Mike and tell him that everything I have heard about their customer service is true, which I think really made his day cuz he typed back Thank you! Have a good evening!.

Another productive day for Jamie. And the moral of the lesson is - Rio Grande is the place to shop! })i({


ChezChani said...

I've heard they are very good and I believe I did order a (free) catalogue some time ago. It has yet to arrive, and perhaps it never will. I'm all about seed beads right now, only Delicas or some like bead will do so I don't actually need a catalogue but I do like to look. I might find my next obsession.
I do want to know what you purchase with your $20. and how much over that you go ;-)

Bev's Jewelry said...

Your story seems the same as mine except for the phone call and actually trying to place an order. They have some great things but I never seem to get around to place an order. Not sure why.